Friday, August 15, 2008

Sing Along With J-9

Ancient Orthoxicol

The origins of "Orthoxicol" came about due to a cold I had once, so , I bought this stuff called Orthoxicol. I showed this to Janine Dawson, a fellow workmate, and somehow it turned into a National geographic style send up of Orthoxicol. as a
fictitious, ancient Central American civilization, devoted to the common cold.
Janine and I took turns at drawing this on the same piece of paper, and that was like back in 1977-78 ????...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nazi Overlords

Congo Slaver

Egg Beater Bashing

"It'll take you to the edge of terror in splendiferous 3-d vision"

The Curse of Sheva's Dance

"What a book that was, had me tosstled between romance and action, I was reaching for the tissues and the cigar at the same time." Quote from leading fiction critic Aldous Fonthsberry.

The Funkadelic Players

"Coming At Yuh!" was a third in a release series by the Funkadelics, often touted as the best.
Shortly afterwards, Kapow Records was purchased in a takeover by Blammo international.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roy Garnette

From Swilldisc 1952 we have Roy Garnette, a furious fiddler with a voice like sandpaper.
Acompanied by the Taos Jivers, this hot southern swing band had a short but exiting career.
Best known for:
1. Let me put my hat on your sofa.
2. Come back my darlin' Janet
3. Take a look at these heels
4. Let's take a walk through the henhouse

Friday, August 8, 2008


Pisstake Platoon is a blog dedicated to general pisstake in a drawn fashion.
Most of this material was done during work over twenty years ago, partly because it was fun,
but mainly because we were bored.

We will post all the drawings we have here so far, but we welcome both comments and contributions
from readers along the way.

So, here we go......