Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is part of a background crowd scene, from a Popeye cartoon, all I can remember is that this was a disco scene. Possibly the Valentine special???
Anyway, Don animated this scene and drew some of us as crowd characters.
From left to right, Paul Maron, Janine Dawson, Don MacKinnon, Sebastian LaCosta and the guy who worked in layout but eventually left to play the doctor character in "A country Practice".
Shane something...??

This is me as a Jap soldier, Don drew this but I don't recall the reason.
Hey Don, any hints?

Louie Garcia drew this back in 78, I recall he took a great deal of time over it and would not show it to me until it was finished. Unfortunately, the scan I made did not match the quality of the original. Best I could do though.

Jack P. by Arthur
Don captured a truly historical moment here. It was, if not, my very first hangover.
I dragged my sorry arse into work that morning, grabbed a coffee, then Don drew this real fast.
As seedy as I was feeling, I was nonetheless almost proud of this initiation.
One that I can sadly say, I have never learnt the wisdom from.

.John Burge,
but I cannot recall wether Don or I drew this.
This drawing of Rodney was already pinned up on the wall at Hanna's the day I started there.
Don probably drew this in 76?

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Mr. Cooper faxed this drawing to me back in the mid 90's
This was of course, for no apparent reason, just a random drawing sent by fax.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third Batch From Murray

These were all drawn by me (Arthur) but I had forgotten about these as well. My memory is crap. Fortunately, Murray "The Elephant" never forgets, so I posted his direct quotes straight on to the drawings.

"Your impression of my school uniform and general lack of demure. The accuracy is astounding and I left it in colour because of the red stitching that I used to repair my Levi Californians for all those years."

"Return to the scene of the crime. Me in Ron Hilton's office but this time during work hours. I had to leave this one in colour because of the chocolate induced pimples."

"More drawings from you for you. This one is about me being tired I think. Do you remember the cleaner, Ishmal? He used to call me plum eyes for some reason. Still not getting enough sleep to this day."

"Me in my work clothes (the only set I owned)."

"I wore my "yaks wool" top for so long that it kept my shape when I finally removed it at night. So the story goes."

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Wonderful Contribution From Lynette Jones

These drawings were previously posted on Facebook, so with Lynette's approval, we are now posting them here as well.  Now, these were drawn during a time at Hanna's when I (Arthur)
wasn't there.  So, gimme a hand with further information about these drawings.
That includes you Lynette!  Anyone can  just write in on the "comments" section, then I'll edit them back into the post. 
In the meantime, I'll put in the info I have so far.
Here goes the first batch:

Dunno about this one, but it looks like a Don drawing.
Help me out here.

Well, I know this is about Sadie and some African American Sub Mariner but as to the the argument with Lynetee in the picture.?????
Again, a Don drawing perhaps?

Lynette ( reading, "Under Sinkwood" ) and Ellen Bailey, by Janine

O.k., Lynette, Don and Renee out to lunch? By Don of course.

 A classic Lynettee pose, but I can't place who drew this, cool drawing though.

Chris and Lynette, I think Mackinnon drew this.

This one's by Simon fer" sur"!

Lynette by Janine Dawson no doubt.

Rodney Brunsdon, but I don't know who drew this killer drawing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Second Batch from Murray

Alas, yet another load from good ol' Muz. 

Some of these brought on heaps of flashbacks for me, Murray's steel trap and razor sharp memory however, 

soon brought light to  events from the past.

This is the first drawing I have to send you from a reasonably long list.  This drawing is one of the few I have from Rick Tinschert. I think it's pretty self explanatory if you know the character involved...

This one is from Greg Ingram. 

I can't remember if this guys name was Andy Thorne or Thore. Rough as guts guy but a heart of gold and oh boy! could he sure draw. 

Showing up to the International Frizbee Championships decked out in intimidating regalia.

I think I drew this over an H.B. key  of whatever I was working on at the time.

Murray's opinion of Irena Slapzinski. 

I was given a scene of hers to inbetween where Popeye arrives at left of screen holding a hundred suitcases that's the first key. The second key drawing has Popeye standing in the middle of screen next to a bus. All the luggage is piled onto the top of the bus. That's it. She did two drawings to tell the whole scene. I added the inbetweening grid into the image at the time you did the drawing and I still think it belongs there.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More stuff from the SIMEY stash

Chris Adjusting his bias. by Simon.

Simon And Don give James advice. By Simon

Greggles by James Baker.

Some Businessmen treated sympathetically by Arthur.

Chris Hauge the old Roue.By Don Mackinnon.

Sunday Night Round 2

The following drawings are from a batch in Simon's collection.

Max Gunner at the Lime Spoiders. By Simon.

Simon by Don MacKinnon.

Phil Meatchem by Simon.

Wayne Dearing by James.

Greggles by Greggles.

Sunday Night Round 1

This batch comes from the collections of the now famous James Baker.
Treasured as these are, I fail somewhat at placing the exact information re. these drawings.
(Perhaps, an infuriated Mr. Baker may come to the fore and instigate some enlightenment.)

 The then, Ms. Gaynor Medlin,
 By James Baker.

This is an awesome drawing of Rick, also by James Baker.

Wayne Dearing? TOPS drawing, by....... you guessed it,  Mr. James Baker.

Wayne again, by James.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four More

The Haugomobile by Greggles. Chris's head looks like a hood ornament.

Some inbetweeners by Janine Dawson.

Simon by Don Mackinnon.

Jack Petruska by Jamie Baker.Rush losh pilsh Nef!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a Couple

Chris, Arthur and Simon as German soldiers by Simon.

This was drawn after we all watched "Dark Star". We fancied the idea of animating in space.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silliness from 1985

For a few months at the start of 1985, Don and I (james) sat next to each-other in a room just outside the layout department, at Hanna Barbera. This was just before Don got his own space a few doors down Atchison street, behind Peter Luschwitz' place. Anyway, we would sometimes leave silly nonsensical drawings on each-other's desks when the other wasn't there. Here is a typical back and forward of absurdism from that time:

Nonsense from Don

Silliness from James.

Don Nonsense.

Silliness from James