Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New "Old" Contributions From Don

Here are some old drawings that Don MacKinnon sent me recently, mainly workmates back in the 80's.

The "Horn".

Simon, Chris, and Don.

Janine and Lynette McLean.

Chris, Don and Jamie Baker model sheet.

Arthur and the girls, Brodee Myers, Lynette Mc Lean and Kim Marden.

Chris the Hauge.


Jamie Baker said...

unknown workmate is LYNETTE McLEAN. The other girl (with KIM)is BRODEE MYERS

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Jamie,

Thanks for that, I also had an email sent from Simon with the same info.
You guys have minds like steel traps.

Jamie Baker said...

boy, Don can draw eh? I knew that already but these reminded me...