Saturday, February 14, 2009

From Murray We Have.....

This is great, so far, having crashed into Murray on Facebook,we made for a connection to P.P. and straight away Murray began to dig for old drawings. He did so however, at the very risk of his own life. Apparently, he had to venture down, into the dark and spider infested catacombs of his home, and having survived thus far, he was kind enough to send these tidbits.

This was Janines Drawing of the Class of 77 and all the guys who started at Hanna Barbera that year. Perhaps Astrid is missing.
Other wise from right to left, the back row:
Martin Chatfield, Paul Baker,Pam Lofts, Kim Craste (chomp,chomp, munch, munch) Janine Dawson, Vic Johnson, The Dutch girl (can't remember), then another girl whos name I've forgotten.
Front row left to right:
Murray Griffin, Rick Tinschert, Maria Brinkley, Paul Maron, Arthur Filloy, Simon D'Latti.

Chris as some kind of Norwegian ambassador or the like -By Arthur

Murray out in the doghouse by the looks of things- By Janine

"Can't remember exactly what this drawing was about but Janine always wanted to be a different personality, that's all I can say about his one."

Unfortunately, I only have a copied image of this cartoon. I hope the original surfaces one day. I don't know that I was ever privvy to what caused this drawing from Janine but the repurcussions were felt for months. The automatic and natural title of this image is,"Arturo, you pull up a you pants!". This become Arthur's name and stuck for some time. If you were looking for Arthur in the building, you would inquire, "Have you seen Arturo-pull up a you pants-Filloy?". It was impossible to run into him without telling him to pull up his pants. I'm sure Arthur has better information on this one and I'm dying to hear it.

The wonder of arriving back to your desk and finding a present like this waiting. Janine drew a couple of these for me and other people, no doubt. Anyway, I felt very special receiving it from her.

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