Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Don Drawings.

With the aid of James Baker, Facebook, all our good pals and various other nefarious methods, we have accumulated a rather healthy stock of old drawings for the posting. That, added to my "Yet To Be Fully Purged" collection, will no doubt keep us busy for a while.

So, here we go, Starting with Don's drawings.

John McClenahan
Don Tonkin
Chris, Don and Simon
Don and Peter Luschwitz
Mike King-Prime

I could be very incorrect with the spelling of some names, so please help me on this one.

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Nickname unavailable said...

Just noticed a small error. The second drawing, listed under "More Don Drawings" is credited as Don Tonkin. It is in fact a guy called Marshall but I can't remember his last name yet. Don T was big and balding. Please make all cheques out to "Cash". Thank you. muz griffin