Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is part of a background crowd scene, from a Popeye cartoon, all I can remember is that this was a disco scene. Possibly the Valentine special???
Anyway, Don animated this scene and drew some of us as crowd characters.
From left to right, Paul Maron, Janine Dawson, Don MacKinnon, Sebastian LaCosta and the guy who worked in layout but eventually left to play the doctor character in "A country Practice".
Shane something...??

This is me as a Jap soldier, Don drew this but I don't recall the reason.
Hey Don, any hints?

Louie Garcia drew this back in 78, I recall he took a great deal of time over it and would not show it to me until it was finished. Unfortunately, the scan I made did not match the quality of the original. Best I could do though.

Jack P. by Arthur
Don captured a truly historical moment here. It was, if not, my very first hangover.
I dragged my sorry arse into work that morning, grabbed a coffee, then Don drew this real fast.
As seedy as I was feeling, I was nonetheless almost proud of this initiation.
One that I can sadly say, I have never learnt the wisdom from.

.John Burge,
but I cannot recall wether Don or I drew this.
This drawing of Rodney was already pinned up on the wall at Hanna's the day I started there.
Don probably drew this in 76?


Jamie Baker said...

the layout guy you mentioned (the actor) was SHANE PORTEOUS

Arthur Filloy said...

Yeah, I eventually remembered his name but too much of a lazy bastard to fix it. I also thought of leaving it as bait for some feedback and of course I always catch the same guy,...... you. =D

Adam Blake said...

the Rodney drawing is a classic