Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unearthed From The Catacombs Of Greg

Here is a fresh batch from Greg Ingram, nice stash and a very good vintage.

This is Dicky Dunne.

This is Peter Eastman.

I think this is nobody in particular it's more about the gun gag,
I probably did it for Dick Dunne. These 3 are from the Lucky Luke era.

This one is a self portrait.

Jack Petroushka

This is Lynette, of course the dress wasn't that loose but we all wished it was.

This is John McLennahan (spelling???)

This is Pauly Maron.

This is Ros (Marsh)

This is Rodney Brunsdon, I've got a few of him but they're all
pretty similar.

Not sure who this is, it could be you Arthur, as a soul
singer, or it could be just a soul singer, because at around that time
a friend of mine organised a soul party and I designed a ticket for it
and some people from Hannas came along.

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Jamie Baker said...

these are all great! The one of Lynette is hilarious. More please!