Monday, May 11, 2009

Second Batch from Murray

Alas, yet another load from good ol' Muz. 

Some of these brought on heaps of flashbacks for me, Murray's steel trap and razor sharp memory however, 

soon brought light to  events from the past.

This is the first drawing I have to send you from a reasonably long list.  This drawing is one of the few I have from Rick Tinschert. I think it's pretty self explanatory if you know the character involved...

This one is from Greg Ingram. 

I can't remember if this guys name was Andy Thorne or Thore. Rough as guts guy but a heart of gold and oh boy! could he sure draw. 

Showing up to the International Frizbee Championships decked out in intimidating regalia.

I think I drew this over an H.B. key  of whatever I was working on at the time.

Murray's opinion of Irena Slapzinski. 

I was given a scene of hers to inbetween where Popeye arrives at left of screen holding a hundred suitcases that's the first key. The second key drawing has Popeye standing in the middle of screen next to a bus. All the luggage is piled onto the top of the bus. That's it. She did two drawings to tell the whole scene. I added the inbetweening grid into the image at the time you did the drawing and I still think it belongs there.

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