Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third Batch From Murray

These were all drawn by me (Arthur) but I had forgotten about these as well. My memory is crap. Fortunately, Murray "The Elephant" never forgets, so I posted his direct quotes straight on to the drawings.

"Your impression of my school uniform and general lack of demure. The accuracy is astounding and I left it in colour because of the red stitching that I used to repair my Levi Californians for all those years."

"Return to the scene of the crime. Me in Ron Hilton's office but this time during work hours. I had to leave this one in colour because of the chocolate induced pimples."

"More drawings from you for you. This one is about me being tired I think. Do you remember the cleaner, Ishmal? He used to call me plum eyes for some reason. Still not getting enough sleep to this day."

"Me in my work clothes (the only set I owned)."

"I wore my "yaks wool" top for so long that it kept my shape when I finally removed it at night. So the story goes."

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