Friday, May 15, 2009

A Wonderful Contribution From Lynette Jones

These drawings were previously posted on Facebook, so with Lynette's approval, we are now posting them here as well.  Now, these were drawn during a time at Hanna's when I (Arthur)
wasn't there.  So, gimme a hand with further information about these drawings.
That includes you Lynette!  Anyone can  just write in on the "comments" section, then I'll edit them back into the post. 
In the meantime, I'll put in the info I have so far.
Here goes the first batch:

Dunno about this one, but it looks like a Don drawing.
Help me out here.

Well, I know this is about Sadie and some African American Sub Mariner but as to the the argument with Lynetee in the picture.?????
Again, a Don drawing perhaps?

Lynette ( reading, "Under Sinkwood" ) and Ellen Bailey, by Janine

O.k., Lynette, Don and Renee out to lunch? By Don of course.

 A classic Lynettee pose, but I can't place who drew this, cool drawing though.

Chris and Lynette, I think Mackinnon drew this.

This one's by Simon fer" sur"!

Lynette by Janine Dawson no doubt.

Rodney Brunsdon, but I don't know who drew this killer drawing.


Jamie Baker said...

the unidentified LYNETTE was by me.

Jamie Baker said...

PS: the top-most one was posted already as part of a DON batch

Jamie Baker said...

and I think that RODNEY was drawn by JON McClenahan

Arthur Filloy said...

Yeah, thanks James, I shall amend at once.
Much appreciated as usual.

McClean said...

That was me, Don and Brodee out to lunch. I was a gym junkie and they... were not.

As for those new shoes? They never recovered from the Chris experience.

McClean said...

Oh, and, yes - Don did the fat Taurean and the sub-Mariner. Can't remember what the argument was about - or at least, shouldn't.