Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Night Round 1

This batch comes from the collections of the now famous James Baker.
Treasured as these are, I fail somewhat at placing the exact information re. these drawings.
(Perhaps, an infuriated Mr. Baker may come to the fore and instigate some enlightenment.)

 The then, Ms. Gaynor Medlin,
 By James Baker.

This is an awesome drawing of Rick, also by James Baker.

Wayne Dearing? TOPS drawing, by....... you guessed it,  Mr. James Baker.

Wayne again, by James.

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Jamie Baker said...

Hey Arthur
The janine drawing is of ALAN MOON and it was posted earlier (by me!)along with other drawings of Alan by both me and Don.

all the other drawings (Gaynor, Rick and Wayne)are by me, from around 1984, I think.